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i went through a terrible break up a month ago. my heart is broken but my spirit is not. i wanted to love and be loved, but now all I want is just to be admired. fuck love. give me success. i was dismantled. but now I’m reinvented. and for the first time in a long time, it feels good to look the mirror and say “damn bitch, you’re doing so much better now. good fucking job.”
I gave wrong people the right pieces of me.

I hope that one day you look at her,
And you see my eyes staring back at you.
I hope your pulse starts racing and your words
Tangle over each other,
And you have to blink over and over again
Just to make sure you imagined it.

I hope some day, you’ll tell her you love her,
And my name burns unsaid in the back of your throat
With such an intensity that no amount of alcohol
You try to rinse it away with later that night
Will be able to stop the ache.

And I hope that when you’re tripping over your steps and words
From the booze coursing through your veins,
You search your phone for my number
And listen as the dial tone goes on and one,
Because I’m not there for you anymore.

I hope you make your way back to her place
And find yourself in her bed
So surrounded by by her presence, her smell, her voice,
Which is so far from mine
And you feel so boxed in by it all
As you remember what it was like
To sleep next to me instead.

I hope it hits you like a brick every time
You remember me,
Remember us,
And God, I hope you never forget.